Every year on 9th November at 7pm we light a candle for an hour to raise awareness of our early miscarried babies who often are not recognized because of the taboo around early loss.

There has been a wonderful movement in acknowledgement of baby loss in recent years however the taboo come from the parents who do not feel able to talk about their loss saying things such as “my loss was only early” whilst comparing their loss to someone else’s.

ALL baby loss hurts, and all loss should be talked about.

EMAD isn’t about excluding other losses, it is about celebrating EVERY baby and encouraging people to feel free to celebrate not just their own early baby but ALL baby & child loss and of course extending our love to those affected by infertility and TFMR!

On this day we ask all families to come together and remember every baby in an open to all event!

Early miscarriage where a baby is lost before 12 weeks gestation is very common, and most babies are lost before you even realize you’re pregnant.

Approximately half of all fertilized eggs are thought to be lost in the very early days of pregnancy, before a pregnancy test has been done.

After a positive pregnancy test, between 10 per cent and 20 per cent of pregnancies end in miscarriage. Most miscarriages happen in the 1st trimester of pregnancy.

Miscarriage at any stage of pregnancy are heartbreaking, but when it happens very early on in pregnancy, many feel because their baby was an early loss that they are not entitled to grieve or talk openly of their heartache and often society forgets about these precious babies and this mindset is the reason we push for change.

Early Miscarriage Awareness Day and our parent charity Little Baby & Co have strong rooted belief that every baby is important regardless of gestation and every parent should be treated equally!

Let’s all join together on 9th November and show the world that EVERY BABY matters and raise awareness for Early Miscarriage Awareness Day!

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