Build A Memory Box

Here you can build a free memory box in memory of your sweet baby, that includes a poem, a certificate of acknowledgment and a teddy.

If you don’t see an option suitable for your family needs, please don’t hesitate to place a request via email here and we will endeavor to create something suitable.

The boxes are password protected, you can request the password via our Facebook page by clicking here.

Please feel free to print one box and one poem/teddy/certificate sheet per baby.

Build A Memory Box Instructions

1. Print the image on stiff A4 card

2. Cut around the outer perimeter

3. Use a ruler with a blunt butter knife to score the straight edges and fold.

4. Carefully score along the curved edges

5. Affix the small flap with craft glue and allow to dry.

6. Fold the curved edges edges down into place.

Voila, a beautiful memory box for you to fill in memory of your precious baby!



Gender Neutral