Baby River’s Story

The following is an account of one of our families on the losses of three babies in 1 year…Ace, Nova & River

Amy and her partner decided to try for their second child when their son was almost 5.

They started trying in August 2020 and were lucky to fall pregnant straight away in September 2020.

Unfortunately they suffered an early miscarriage at 5/6 weeks.

They carried on trying but through their heartbreak and grief found themselves getting to emotionally stressed with ovulation tests and tracking everything so they decided to take a break.

Then in May 2021 they got a positive pregnancy test but a day later she started her ‘period’ or so the doctors told her.

Amy felt strongly thought it was the beginning of another early miscarriage but the doctor disagreed again stating it was her period.

Amy didn’t bother testing in June or July as she had her regular periods.

Around the middle of July she had some spotting halfway through her cycle during her ovulation window.

She thought it could have something to do with her Covid-19 vaccination so she called her doctor who insisted she took a pregnancy test but Amy felt it wasn’t possible however she followed advice and took a test which was positive within seconds, she tested again and straight away POSITIVE!

She had bloods drawn which confirmed hcg of 3348 with estimated gestation of 6 weeks which correlates to the pregnancy test she had taken back in May, she had known there was a problem but sadly wasn’t listened too!

She had an internal scan and it showed an empty uterus. She had another hcg blood draw 48 hours later it had only gone up to 4484 but they should have been double which sadly suggested non viable pregnancy.

She had another internal but again showed an empty uterus, however showed a small mass on her right ovary and another internal scan revealed it to be her baby with a tiny beating heart in her fallopian tube. Amy was treated as an emergency and sadly had to have surgery to remove her tube 22nd July 2021….however that day she lost not only her tube but more heartbreaking their precious much wanted baby.

Sadly their baby got ‘disposed’ of with the tube so they were not able never got to say their goodbyes. Within a few weeks she tracked her progress until pregnancy tests were back to negative once all hcg and tracked her ovulation.

They then found out on 16th August she was pregnant again within weeks!

Everything was going great, her blood tests every 2 days and an early scan to rule out ectopic, then had another scan at 7 weeks 3 days, there was their baby with a beating heart!!!

Then she had started to spot and she felt the worst was happening.

The hospital scanned her and said baby was absolutely fine and couldn’t see any bleeding but they would leave her another 2 weeks before seeing her again.

They still felt uneasy so booked a private scan.

Sadly sometime between the hospital ultrasound on the Saturday and her private scan on the Tuesday their precious baby had passed heartbeat!

She went back to hospital on the Wednesday and they confirmed it.

She took one tablet orally and was told to come back on Friday to stay in until she passed baby.

She contacted Little Baby & Co very upset looking for advice feeling her baby didn’t matter(due to her past experiences) but we made her aware of her rights and options and that baby could have a funeral or cremation or even a plant pot burial at home baby…we ensured her that her baby matters regardless of early generation, our mission is to treat EVERY baby with respect and dignity!

We sent her a little blanket and pocket made from a donated bridal gown, two penny bears and a cardboard coffin in preparation for birth, we advised her how to use our items and how to safely transfer baby to the wrap and advises her to place baby into saline solution to help keep baby in best condition whilst she decided how her and her partner wanted to say goodbye!

On Friday 00:03am 1st October 2021 just 3 minutes into Baby Loss Awareness Month she so poignantly gave birth to Baby River at 9 weeks gestation.

I felt worried so I’d dropped her a message that evening at 1am and she replied immediately telling she’d given birth, she sent photos of the most perfect little munchkin snuggled into his wrap, I cried as we typed messaged back and forth.

I advised her that she should put Baby River into saline solution in a sealed tub in her fridge, we know this can be an upsetting thought however this buys vital time that a grieving family very much needs in their hour of need!

Amy decided to leave River in his pocket in the saline.

They had decided on a cremation for River.

I suggested sending an extra two pockets, one to keep River warm and dry and one to place mementos into representing her other babies Ace & Nova as a way to say goodbye to them too, we also sent a blue teddy for her son in memory of his sibling.

1st Nov 2021 was Rivers cremation where he was given a beautiful final farewell.

This is what Amy had to say:

“I am so grateful for Little Baby & Co because without them I wouldn’t have known about the funeral option.

I already had one child ripped away from me without a proper goodbye I wasn’t doing it a second time, this time my baby got the most perfect day with all my family saying goodbye”

Sleep Peacefully Ace, Nova & River